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Welcome to the Golden Isles Trailer

By revealing the complexity of individuals’ experiences and reflecting them on larger sociopolitical structures, Welcome to the Golden Isles observes the division between gender, class, race, and religion within adolescent relationships in southeast Georgia. Daily motivations reveal personal aspects of each teenager’s experience and exemplifies the type of social landscape they surround themselves in. Welcome to the Golden Isles is a docufiction film that captures life in a coastal tourist destination that is cut with hyperbolic staged scenarios in order to reflect on the self-conscious construction of identity. The film is impacted by ambivalent teenage voices and perspectives.

Many of the conversations these teenagers generate touch upon social, racial, and political issues that reveal a communal unawareness. However, this unawareness is largely influenced by the obscurity of history resulting in racism, sexism, and xenophobia within the social dialogue of these adolescents. This is the fault of a system they benefit from—and that unawareness is often the mark of convenience. The teenage narrations reinforce and parse the meaning of growing up within Southern culture as they play traditional signifiers against modern, teenage inclinations.

Thesis Preview

Selected clips from the beginning concepts of my senior thesis project which explores how demographics affect adolescence within the Golden Isles of southeast Georgia.

Let It Happen

Pre-Thesis, 2018

Let It Happen is a photo/video series that depicts recreated moments of the artist’s adolescent memories of growing up along the southeast coast of Georgia. Sapp reasons with the common social, moral, and economic mores of her upbringing within southern culture. She explores the visual concepts of memory by bridging physical reality and surreal fantasy to ultimately create a subconscious perspective of her adolescence.
This is raw, unscripted video performances by local high schoolers.

Location: Golden Isles, Georgia


Nominated for Best Experimental Film at Tribeca Film Festival, 2018

This short film depicts a surreal experience between two disconnected characters that are attempting to reconnect, yet an array of entities and obstacles seem to keep getting in the way of their relationship.

Hi I'm Dani

Client Work, 2017

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Personal Work, 2017

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Personal Work, 2017

ADAY Multiplicity Collection Campaign

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Alluring Abyss

Collaboration, Spring 2018

Emily James Thesis Collection